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Cyberote (Random Town) RavenEmblem (Zvanzig)


ZRT Ep. 7

Haseo lived with Preston and Winston with the Emo in the Emo & Cannon room. He knew Kevyn from a forum known as IFCA in which they were pretty good friends. Shortly after meeting, Kevyn, Haseo and Ross were all shot into the forest by the Door-Stealing Ghost. It is here that Haseo was eaten by Mega Salmon.

Inside Mega Salmon

Haseo spent many years in the bowels of Mega Salmon. He even spent a Christmas in his chest. Mega Salmon and Haseo shared many conversations, but Mega Salmon never spoke of why he ate him. He claims the music he was listening to makes him do strange things, but other than that, the salmon remained silent.


In 2013, Mega Salmon ate something terrible and fell ill one day. This illness resulted in the regurgitation of Haseo. Shortly upon exiting, Haseo was shot in the head by Big Acker who intended to hit Mr. Jay.


  • Haseo is one of the characters known as IFCAns. Others include Kevyn, Vony, SpicyZorro and Draxor.

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