Zufadt Random Town Episode 23 Pyromania04:09

Zufadt Random Town Episode 23 Pyromania





February 5, 2012



Episode Synopsis:Edit

Kevyn brings his new lighter to the camp fire and finds out it releases small fireball creatures. The creatures seem pretty friendly at first, but when Kevyn sacrifices one of them to start the camp fire, the others become enraged and begin to form a plan.


  • Chief Executive was made by Cyberote and FallenAngelBeyond as a Native American tribe chieftain who worships a screwdriver because the steel remains cold even on the hottest of days.
  • The idea of a Zufadt fireball monster invasion was originally going to be the plot for the next Zufadt movie.
  • Big Liam was originally going to be killed in this episode.

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