The original Zufadt banner.

Zufadt Random Town all started on June 19, 2008 as Cyberote's first original series. It has since evolved in many ways. Random Town lived up to it's name, featuring many random and crazy episodes one after another. The insanity went on into season 2 with better graphics and better animation. As an end to season 2, a movie was released to close up the second season.

Season 1

1.) Zufadt

2.) Survival Horror

3.) Girlfriends

4.) Weird Dreaming

5.) JSRF

6.) The Vony Episode

7.) Going Camping

8.) Midnight Antics

9.) Stop Ripping!

10.) The Killer

11.) We're Getting Out of Here

12.) Finally Back

13.) Christmas at Ross's

Season 2

14.) Season 2

15.) Detention

16.) Deh Zebra

17.) Cosplay

18.) He's Back, Oh Noes!

19.) Halloween Special

20.) Search For Kevyn and Ross

21.) Fallout

Season 3

22.) Season 3

23.) Pyromania

24.) 70%

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